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Press Release from RoseLineMaps, January 2011:
Hey ! For the thousandth time, does anyone know the name of that mountain?

The Answer to Your Question: How many times have you hiked, climbed, skied or even driven to an incredible vista only to be left wondering "what mountain was that?". Now the answer to that question is easy and fun. offers the PC based RoseLine peak finder software that will show you the peaks visible from anywhere (currently available for Washington and Oregon). Simply enter the name of a peak (it knows thousands) or enter an arbitrary viewpoint via latitude and longitude and in seconds it displays a list of the mountains, ridges, pinnacles, and cliffs visible from that viewpoint. From a potential sea of peaks it initially displays the 40 that are the most prominent from that viewpoint (including peaks in neighboring states and Canada.)

What You Get: A touch of a button displays those peaks in Google maps or prepares that data for display in your favorite mapping program. For Google maps it creates an interactive display that is fun, unique, educational and simply the coolest thing - the peaks are displayed as a starburst of rays centered on your chosen viewpoint with an accompanying list of the peak names and heading. Hovering the mouse cursor over a ray displays the peak name and some statistics (distance, elevation, heading, etc..) Visit sample map to see an example: the peaks visible from Paradise at Mt Rainier.

Fine tuning: If you're an outdoor person with seasoned knowledge of your environment you can adjust the display to show the more obscure peaks. If you're trying to identify the peaks in a photo you can direct the line of sight in just the direction of the photo. The Google map can navigate, zoom, and crop to create the perfect map to carry on a hike, share with your friends or post on a web page.

On the technical side, the program uses a digital elevation model developed during the space shuttle program and distributed by USGS. The calculation regarding the visibility of a given peak takes into account intervening mountains and ridges as well as the curvature of the earth and the refractive index of the atmosphere. It can determine if even the smallest bit of a peak is visible or not.

Availability: The RoseLine peak finder software for Oregon or Washington can be downloaded immediately to your PC from Retail outlets will be announced as they are established. The price is normally $17.99 but the program is available now as an introductory offer for $12.99. Both the Oregon and Washington products can be bought together for a limited time for $19.99. A free version of the program is also available. The program supports Google maps, National Geographic TOPO! maps, GPX output, text and CSV output formats.

The author of the program, Chris Marsh has lived most of his life in Washington and Oregon and is an avid hiker, back country skier, climber and back packer.

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If you would like a free copy of the program to review or simply more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Chris Marsh, you can leave him a message at .


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